Can I afford a solar electric system?

The most asked question we get is “How much does an electric solar system cost.” There is no easy answer to such a simple question other than “it depends” on your electric usage, where you live and any tax incentives in your city/state. Get a FREE solar quote from a GoSolarGo representative today and find out what we can do to reduce your electric costs.

Is free electric a possibility with a GoSolarGo system?

Although there is typically a minimal connection/transmission/distribution fee to stay hooked up to your electric provider, it is indeed possible to have a net metering agreement to get your yearly electric bill to zero $.

Are there any tax incentives for solar energy?

A 30% federal tax credit is available until December 31, 2019 for all US electric solar systems purchased. Other incentives may also be available in your area. These may be from the state, your city or your electric provider making your GoSolarGo investment even more cost effective. Ask your GoSolarGo representative about your specific service area or go to

What happens if I make more energy from my solar panels than I use?

Net Metering is an agreement with your electric provider to sell your unused electricity back to the grid. While your costs are zeroed out, your excess is returned to you in the form of a credit or in some locale with a yearly check. Your GoSolarGo representative will work with your electric provider to get your Net Metering agreement in place and explain how credits will be accounted for on your electric account.

I’m pretty handy, could I make this a “do it yourself” project?

This is something to be left to the professionals and not recommended. GoSolarGo is there for you to make your solar purchase easy.  Having a good safe quality solar system is our number one priority.

Will my solar panel take a lot of TLC?

GoSolarGo solar panels require very little maintenance. Any dirt just rinses off when it rains/snows or a quick sprinkle with a garden hose.  Since solar panels are designed with no moving parts, you can be assured of good solar production for many many years.  In fact, GoSolarGo solar panels have some of the best warranties in the industry.

Will a solar system impact my roof?

GoSolarGo adheres to the highest standards in the solar industry. Rest easy knowing your system design is in the hands of professionals.  Additionally, studies say your solar panels will protect your roof for a longer life.

I live in snow country, will solar panels work in my locale?

You bet. Solar panels function more efficiently in colder climates. GoSolarGo solar panels will withstand most snow loads. When panels are positioned at the correct angle, snow typically just slides off allowing your panels to production standards.

Does “getting off the grid” make sense?

It all depends on your circumstances. Typically, most folks will remain grid tied for numerous reasons. GoSolarGo can discuss the off grid option with you and if it makes sense for your custom solar project.

My neighbor said our HOA can interfere with me installing solar panels on my home…Is this true?

Again it depends but typically this is a protected right for homeowners. Almost 4/5 of US states have some ways to nullify those opposed to solar system installations. Your local GoSolarGo representative will discuss the laws and policies in your locale.

What happens if I add a solar system and then have to move just a few years later?

A GoSolarGo solar system is an investment in your home and should be treated as such. People today pay a premium for homes with a solar system and in most cases sell 15% faster than comparable homes without a system. Most people would love to purchase a home with a solar system already installed minimizing their electric bill on day one.